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Let's face it...most carrot cake is gross.  The cake is dry, there's too much icing..and really?  Vegetables for dessert?  Typical granola is hard and stale...and  calling those oversized dry powdery cookies linzer tarts is an insult to linzer tarts.  If you're reading this thinking, "I still like all those things," then you are going to LOVE Jenny's Kitchen.  We've taken those classics (and others) and made them, well...awesome!  Our family recipes have been handed down through the generations, preserving an unparalleled attention to detail, freshness and quality.  Let our family treat yours to the best!


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"The carrot cake is unlike anything you have ever had". Delicious.

Christopher Robson

"Even if you're lactose intolerant, it's worth it".

Marty McCabe

"That’s heaven right there"!!

Daniela Barbaccia


"Off the Chart!!🤗 Everything made with love........".

Tommy Sipala



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